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Join today "Old Reliables" and please send this site to others-We need to spread the word for all to be Members of the 9th Inf Div Society "Old Reliables". We are also looking for Information on various units who were part of the 9th or supported us. ***NOTICE*** look below for the reunion notices! new information is posted as it is received. the 9th is having it's reunion this fall at Ft Jackson.

World War 1

   On 15 July 1947, Fort Dix became a basic training center and the home of the 9th Infantry Division. In April 1954, the 9th Division was transferred to Europe

World War 11

Vietnam Era

Ft Riley, Kansas

Ft Lewis, Washington

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9th Infantry Division
"Old Reliables"
Lineage and Honors
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The Octofoil shoulder patch of the 9th Infantry Division dates from the 15th Century when it was customary for each son in a family to have an individual mark of distinction. Under the rules of heraldry there are eight foils or positions. The Octofoil went to the ninth son, symbolic of him being surrounded by eight brothers. The symbolism of the Octofoil makes it a logical and correct insignia for the 9th Infantry Division. The red quarterfoil of the patch alludes to the Artillery, while the blue one represents the Infantry.

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Historical Resources for the 9th

Material Reference, Copies from:

 Roger Durham, Ed Freeman, Dennis Thompson, Bruce Butler, Curtis Hatterman, John Linnabary, Lee Kolstad, Paul Kasper, Leon Baldwin, Jim Summerville, and many more. 

& MRFA, 

Ft Lewis, Washington Museum, Vietnam Museum, Texas, Ft Rucker Museum, Alabama

Thank you Gentleman

Paul R. Kasper: The Bequest (IWVPA Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence - July 2003)

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